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By our resident blogger, Marieke

With examination season creeping up again it’s time to start gently thinking about revision and brushing up on your exam technique and approach. Most examinations include some sort of written element and often you get marked on not just what you are writing about but how you present your ideas. Even just a little bit of work dedicated to sprucing up your vocabulary can make an enormous difference. Here are a few little things that you can do to get the ball rolling…

  • I am constantly promoting creating your own themed ‘word banks’

Get a blank piece of paper and make lists of:
-Alternatives to ‘said’
-Useful argumentative phrases
-Snazzy adjectives and adverbs

Then start to include these in your own work and transform pedestrian sentences into ones full of impressive and unusual vocabulary.

• Set yourself short challenges such as writing five creative similes, five sentences including personification and five with some alliteration. We all know that we should include these things in our creative writing, but unless we keep practising, it can be easy to forget.

• Spruce up your punctuation; a misplaced apostrophe and incorrectly applied colon can really let you down. The internet (and specifically certain articles on the Enjoy Education blog) can provide you with reminders of how to employ all the punctuation marks.

Check your spelling! Computers have made us rather lazy as we can rely on the magic ‘spellcheck’ tools to save our bacon. However, your laptop won’t be able to come to the rescue in an exam so get in the habit of checking for errors.

Write regularly! You wouldn’t expect an athlete to run a marathon without doing some training, and there’s no way you can write an essay under exam conditions if you haven’t been practising. Schedule in time to do some past papers so that you get in the habit of thinking on your feet, organizing your thoughts and writing with the clock ticking.

Read lots! Keep your eyes open and read lots of different types of text to expand your vocabulary and gain an understanding of a range of writing styles.

Good luck and let the EE team know how you get on!


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