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Unsurprisingly, articles on the Enjoy Education blog tend to focus on children, teenagers and university students, but of course we know that adults love to learn as well.

By Marieke Audsley

In case there are any parents out there who are yearning to develop a new skill, here are some great classes to try…

  • Is there a frustrated artist within you waiting to be unleashed? London Drawing has a huge selection of art classes to try.
  • Like things a bit cooler? If you’d rather work with ice than paper and pencils then give ice sculpting a go.
  • If you’re a fan of ‘nose-to-tail’ eating and want to get to grips with slicing steaks and chopping chops then the Ginger Pig’s butchery classes might be the thing for you.
  • Although if you prefer cheese to meat then you won’t want to miss Neal’s Yard’s tasting sessions. Get the crackers Gromit!
  • Prefer caffeine to cheese? Head to a luxurious tea masterclass at the Chesterfield Mayfield Hotel and learn all about leaves with Jane Pettigrew.

  • Would you rather be out in the wild than inside sipping a hot beverage? Then you shouldn’t miss the Wild Food School’s foraging classes or the exceptionally titled Funghi To Be With’s mushroom hunting events on Hampstead Heath. Visit and for more information.
  • Life is a cabaret old chum so shimmy over to the Roundhouse to learn how to develop your own cabaret piece.
  • Experience la vita bella and go to pizza making school…

  • Then pop to Konditor & Cook and learn how to make a delicious cake to munch afterwards…


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