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Question: I have doubts about my A-levels, how do I choose what to study at university? 

The Telegraph, 4 August 2016 – Read the article in full here.

Kate Shand: Maths and physics degrees come in all shapes and sizes, so do your research

First of all, well done for thinking long and hard about your degree choice because it is not a decision which should be taken lightly.  You will be studying your degree subject for at least three, if not, four years and the most important factor to consider is whether you enjoy your subject. Passion for your degree subject will get you everywhere.

Degree courses at different universities can vary widely so start looking in more detail at the course descriptions.  Heap 2017 is an excellent resource which can be found online and also ordered as a book.  

Then do attend as many university open days as possible to arm yourself with information.  The open days will give you the chance to speak to other students and hear about their experiences as well as understand better the subjects you are considering.  

There will also be opportunities to discover more about linked subjects such as computer science and finance which require limited essay writing.  Maths and physics degrees come in all shapes and sizes – some will offer business studies or economics modules. You might also like to consider university courses with a term or a year’s work in industry or a business environment.

You might also like to consider university courses with a term or a year’s work in industry or a business environment.

In terms of what career opportunities will be available to you post university, employers will be searching for candidates with a track record of problem-solving, time management and logic.

One real appeal of studying a maths or physics degree is the diversity of careers available upon graduation.  

Maths and physics graduates develop skills which are in high demand in multiple industries. These skills include a more scientific analysis of the world in general as well as honing specific skills such as numeracy and data analysis.

There is also huge demand for graduates with a practical sense of how the world works, especially those who can contribute to the fast moving world of technology and big data.

Do also speak to your teachers and career advisers at school who know you best and ask their advice. This could help to steer you in the right direction and reduce the chances that you would need any extra help during your degree.  

Kate Shand, founder and MD of Enjoy Education

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