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So, you’ve survived Monday and Tuesday…

A huge well done from all of us at Enjoy Education! And even if it hasn’t gone entirely to plan, applaud yourself for setting up your routine and giving home-learning a go!

It’s important to remember that no-one will have had the perfect first week, and if you “gave up” half way through, it doesn’t matter! Start again today.


  • Everyone is going through this together
  • Try to stick to a routine and eventually things will become easier
  • Keep things varied
  • Take time out to enjoy being together as a family, doing whatever you love to do! Education isn’t just about work; it’s also about communication and exploration
Today, why don’t you try one of these activities?
  • MasterChef
    • Cooking together is a fantastic way of teaching your children about numbers, ratios, measurement and foods from around the world. Why not have a competition to see who can follow a recipe the best? This can be something as simple as a pizza
    • Try to incorporate their maths work into the preparation of the ingredients
  • Make Your Own Slime
    • Getting children to make their own slime is great because it:
      • teaches them about chemistry
      • is a form of sensory play
      • uses all five senses
      • builds their creativity
    • Follow Holly and Phillip from ‘This Morning’ as they make their own slime here:
  • Photography Competition
    • Challenge your children to take a photograph of one of the topics they have learnt about today, in action. For example, if they’ve been learning about Forces in Science, could they take a photo of a moment from today that exemplifies this?
    • You could extend this into a daily project, so that, by the end of isolation, you can put together a colourful collage of all the things your children have learnt across this period

Today’s Online Resource Suggestions

More suggestions to come each day!

Enjoy Education makes the news!
Did you catch our founder, Kate Shand, chatting to Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News on Monday morning?
Kate was offering more tips on how to make the best of this opportunity to be at home with your kids.

Today’s Tip:
Try to use reinforcing language and verbally acknowledge when your child has followed the schedule. Reward them by giving them a responsibility they will enjoy!

Quote of the Day:
I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean, Country Singer

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