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Ten things that Enjoy Education have learned this week

In a week where schools have closed, everyone has been finding their new normal, our CEO and Founder Kate Shand has been advising parents on the BBC, the Enjoy Team have really learned a lot and we wanted to share our learns with you:

1) We are greater than the sum of our parts.

This week, we have been blown away by the way the Enjoy Education community has come together. Consequently, we have the utmost admiration for the parents, students and tutors we work with. Never has the education of our children been turned so upside down, and we are in awe of the strength, determination and sheer flexibility we have seen from everyone this week.  


2) The unknown can be scary.

We have learned that it can be hard to make plans when there are so many ‘unknowns’. We all have our ears to the ground as we await further information on how grades will be calculated for our Year 11 and Year 13 students. Ofqual has announced today that they are aiming to provide further guidance on how the grades will be compiled next week and for now, schools are recommending that students keep learning to ensure the information schools have about their students’ academics is as up to date as possible. The Enjoy team will be here in the coming weeks to help you strategise for your child and ensure they achieve the grades they deserve.  


3) Creativity never ceases.

We are constantly impressed by the hidden talents of our tutors (and parents!). This week alone we have seen students work with tutors to create their own audiobooks, take part in an online tutor-led dance class to learn routines from Matilda, Mamma Mia, School of Rock and Wicked, complete science experiments, practise public speaking and interview skills, and start a course on leadership and growth mindset. We are hearing how hard it is to be working at home as well as managing your child’s education, so to take some pressure off and have a few hours of breathing space as your children learn, we’d recommend you check out some of our fantastic online tutors here.


4) Prepare for the unexpected.

It has been a busy week for the Enjoy team, but there is no doubt that it has been a great one. We have learned that with a brilliant team behind you, you can be ready for anything! This week we have supported hundreds of children and tutors to move over to online learning, ensure continuity in their learning and set up many new creative, remote home-learning programmes – all from our own homes (yes, for some that has been from the kitchen table – please ignore the sound of the kettle tea is life 


5) Structure is great, but breaks are even better.

Our Secondary Specialist Holly, shared that when working on screens we blink 5 times less than normal. We recommend a quick screen break every 20 minutes for children and parents alike – it has been working wonders for us!  


6) Technology. Wow. Enough Said.

Enjoy tutors have been tutoring online for over 10 years but in the last 2 weeks, our online learning platform Bramble has really come into its own! Bramble is an interactive platform that allows tutors and students to share work, collaborate during lessons and ensure teaching is as visual as it would be in person. The Enjoy team have also been pairing up for ‘virtual coffees’ via an amazing Slack App called Donut.  


7) Never has it been more important to get active.

Working from home can mean a lot of time sitting down! Throughout the week, more and more team members have been sharing how they have seen that even just the shortest burst of exercise has changed their whole day.  Alongside the millions of other parents and students, Joe Wicks has got our Head of Home-schooling, Felicia up and active in the morning, but what could be more fun than a vintage 1980s workout video? Our Home-Schooling Senior Executive, Tamara has been bopping away to Jane Fonda this week! For even more top tips of things to do indoors, check our recommendations here.


8) Staying mentally healthy is a priority.

There is no doubt that living, caring, learning, working and socialising from your home is a challenge. For those of you who want to learn more about how to stay mentally well, and also support your children through this time, we’d really recommend these resources:  


9) There is so much to be grateful for.

It was hard not to have a tear in your eye at 8pm on Thursday 26th March as everyone came together to #clapforourcarers. We want to say a huge, special, thank you to all Enjoy parents who are key workers – you are incredible.  


10) Kudos!

A huge well done from all of us at Enjoy Education! Even if this week hasn’t gone entirely to plan, applaud yourself for setting up your routine and giving home-learning a go. We know you have been adjusting your own schedules and balancing working from home with working with your children but just remember, no-one will have had the perfect first week, and if you gave up half way through, it doesn’t matter! Start again on Monday. 


And one more thing…..  


….. can someone please tell us what day of the week it is?  


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