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Our Head of Home-schooling and Relocation, Felicia, gives her advice on setting up an effective home classroom

No matter how much space you can devote to home learning, try to make that area as dedicated to your child’s schooling as you can. 


If possible, dedicate a room to your home-school; having an area that is distinct from the living areas in your home will help your child understand when they are in their school room, it is time to work.

The six things to consider when creating an effective home classroom are:

1) Natural Light

Rooms should be bright enough to be a cheerful place to work, but also not too bright that the light is a distraction.

Think of the space as an inviting and cheerful place for your child to learn!

2) Constant Temperature

If your child is too cold, they will not be able to concentrate. If they are too hot, they will be drowsy. A comfortable and reasonably constant temperature is important.

3) Distraction Free

A quiet room is an ideal room to study. Minimise distractions from phones, music and televisions, as well as from other people in the house wandering in and out.

If you can’t dedicate a whole room, ask others in the house to minimise noise while your child is studying.

4) Desks

The table in the school room should be large enough to accommodate your children and their tutor.

If your child is young and they need a chair that fits under a small desk, please do supply your tutor with a full-size chair for them to sit on where possible!

5) Storage Space and Displayed Work

As your home-schooling programme develops and grows, we recommend having bookshelves and other storage areas to keep things organised.

At Enjoy Education we really encourage our tutors to put up and display work completed by our students, so If you don’t want your tutor to pin things into the walls you could supply them with boards, display shelves, or even blank canvases for work to be attached to.

6) Project Work

One thing you might want to consider before your home-schooling programme starts is where you are happy for your tutor and child to complete project work.

Subjects such as art, science and geography may need a bit of extra space; letting your tutors know where they can do this kind of project at the start will help your tutor with their lesson planning.

Don’t have a dedicated space? Don’t panic! 

If you can’t dedicate a whole room, we recommend setting up a desk or table for your child and tutor to work on. A table big enough for two seats is important, as both your child and your tutor will need to sit around it!

You may also need to dedicate an area in your home for storing the books, papers, projects, and other work from lessons. A storage unit on wheels could be the perfect way of keeping home and school work separate!

Top Tip! Keep a small whiteboard outside the classroom that your tutor can write on to let you know if they are running out of supplies

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