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Enjoy Education have some top tips for you on how to keep your children entertained whilst at home!

English and Maths for KS1 and KS2

One of our brilliant primary school teachers, Jessie, has recommended some fantastic resources for this age group:

Activities for Children aged 3-11 years

  • Den building
  • Have a birthday party for a favourite toy
  • A scavenger hunt around the home
  • Life size drawings with lots of A4 paper taped together (draw around your sibling!)
  • Recreate some old-school game shows like the Crystal Maze
  • Start a new paper mâché craft
  • Hunt for some stones and do some rock painting
  • Bake a new cookie recipe and decorate them with your family’s faces
  • Lead an indoor fashion show with old clothes worn in a new way
  • Start a research project and make a poster full of pictures, articles, spider diagrams on the subject 
  • Create a TV show, film it on a phone and play it for your  to the whole family one evening
  • Have a home cinema night, complete with hot dogs and popcorn
  • Dig out the old board games, or even design your own
  • Create a shadow shapes play with hand puppets, cut out stick characters, or even just your hands
  • Make special cards for family members and send them to show them you are thinking of them
  • Have a Lego building contest
  • Start a scrapbook
  • Learn how to play chess

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TED Talks

The team at Enjoy are HUGE Ted Talk fans! We recommend checking out the following talks:


Brilliant Ideas:

Have you tried Ted-Ed Riddles? We recommend trying to solve them! They are great!

Activities for Teens

  • Find yourself a pen pal or take part in Post Crossing
  • Learn to bake or bake a ‘show-stopper’
  • Start a portfolio about your passion; this could be art, photography or your sporting achievements
  • Start a family history project and create your own family tree
  • Get your family involved in your own curated home film festival (with themes!)
  • Make your own beauty products including home-made face masks and soaps
  • Create a stop motion film and learn the technique from an online tutor or through YouTube tutorials
  • Teach yourself photography using any old cameras that you have in the house.
  • Submit an entry to a poetry competition
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Plan a charity fundraiser
  • Practice your touch typing (
  • Start your own Podcast
  • Create your own book club with friends around the world and Facetime them to discuss the book on a monthly basis
  • Try some new books on Audible
  • Design your own logo and print or paint into onto a blank t-shirt or tote bag
  • Invent a new flavour pizza and make your own home-made base
  • Write letters to family members who live far away and update them on your year so far
  • Research internships ready for the summer holidays
  • Learn a new language with an online tutor
  • Start a YouTube channel about your favourite interest
  • Learn how to blog
  • Start an online coding course
  • Teach yourself calligraphy and make some birthday cards ready for the year
  • Write a script for a movie or play
  • Create some checklists that would make your life easier like a bag packing checklist or revision checklist

Suggestions from the Tutors!

Stay Active

Robbie, our brilliant fitness guru, says that being at home doesn’t mean have to mean sitting on the sofa. Whether you learn yoga from YouTube, create an indoor gym or obstacle course or head to the local park, its important to get up, out and active.

CHALLENGE: Practice a specific skill set, such as handstands/planks/cartwheels or kick-ups with a football. Try to beat your time or score!


Lucinda, a brilliant French and Spanish tutor, knows how easy it is to learn and practice a language online – in particular your speaking skills!


Check out Linguascope and practice your vocab on Quizlet! 


According to our History home-schooling tutor, Alice, learning about History isn’t complete without a visit to the Horrible Histories YouTube Channel: and their fun online games;

Creative Writing

Set your child some creative tasks like writing a story from one key word or making a chatterbox to practice spellings.  Jon, a brilliant English tutor, recommended that you check out these books for creative writing inspiration: How to Write Your Best Story Ever! and How To Be A Young #Writer

Science, Robotics and Coding

James, a Science and Coding whiz, recommends some of these brilliant challenges. When asked about some fun online building challenges, James said, “My students love these!”:

He also recommends a great general Science and Building kit for some extremely hands on home practical work:

Love Robotics? Head to 4tronix for more inspiration:

Missing out on some school practicals? Head here for some GSCE and A Level Science Practical walk throughs:

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