Success stories

A flavour of some of our students’ proudest achievements…

Katy Green

“We cannot express in writing the AMAZING journey we have had over the last couple of years. C has regained confidence through the enabling and growth of her incredible creative skills. I will forward pictures of the dress, short suit that she made last week! Her photography basically blew away the new school as it is A level standard. Every single one of you and your teachers have been instrumental in teaching our children to ‘Enjoy Education’. They will go back into the system confident and with real life skills. Thank you.”

Mother of 9- and 5-year-olds who are both home-schooled

“Both our girls have responded amazingly well. Both have flourished in the home-school environment. They love their tutors, are excited when the doorbell rings and talk non-stop most nights about what they have done that day. Our 9-year old’s confidence with math has returned and every week we see growth with a subject that always caused her anxiety and self-doubt. The tutors are creative and attentive with weekly updates and comments. One thing I love about all our tutors is they have varied backgrounds and interests, are highly skilled and have a real pride in their work. They are polished professionals – who know how to handle a five-year-old when she tires, and how to refocus a 9-year-old when distracted. They are always on time, arriving fresh and rearing to go.”

Eddy Chan-Lok

“I have enjoyed their professionalism in helping my daughter improve her educational understanding of her chosen “A” levels subjects, Maths, History and Biology. She was in need of assistance in such a way her Secondary School could not hence the reason of opting for the home tuition route. In her previous school, she was taking Spanish, History and Biology. She was not enjoying Spanish and needed extra support for Biology. When we opted for Enjoy Education, she was able to change Spanish for Maths and was able to select her tutors by an initial trial basis where Becky was able to see if her tutors’ teaching style met her expectation, which I found very refreshing and encouraging. I was informed throughout the process and received regular reviews on Becky’s progress and she quickly gained the knowledge and confidence and therefore improved her predicted grades through her mock exams. I certainly believe that in her previous school, her grades would have been a lot lower and her educational experience an unpleasant one. Hence her future is a lot brighter thanks to Enjoy Education.”

Mother of 16- and 18-year-olds

“Our son did very well including 2A*s and 3A’s even after the school predicted doom and gloom! Our daughter relished the teachers Enjoy Education sent. Incredibly helpful, the science teacher realized our daughter learned more quickly with visual aids and brought a huge roll of brown paper upon which all Biology notes and diagrams were made and displayed. Art (heavy workload) tutor was fantastic and brought together the portfolio with amazing organizational skills (received a 9). Religious Education, super enthusiastic and great (received a 9). Geography, made fun but thorough (received a 9), it goes on… We had same History teacher as for GCSE’s. She was brilliant, copious notes, he knew everything inside out, could recite and reel off facts, timelines etc. and went into the exam extremely confident. We had an Economics ‘super tutor’ and my son says that he was taught Macroeconomics by the super tutor in the 4 weeks leading up to the exam. Don’t know what we would have done without him (really!).”

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