Homeschooling Testimonials

With Enjoy’s expertise, my decision on the choice of tutors coupled with their guidance of subject and subject hours we now have a full and varied homeschooling curriculum for both girls. Both our girls have responded amazingly well. Both have flourished in the home school environment. Our girls always enjoy the weekly excursions they do with them too. The excursions are varied, on topic and always fun! One thing I love about all our tutors is they have varied backgrounds and interests, are highly skilled and have a real pride in their work. They are polished professionals – who know how to handle a five-year-old when she tires, and how to refocus a 9-year-old when distracted. They are always on time, arriving fresh and rearing to go. The support we continue to receive from Enjoy Education makes this possible. They are experts when it comes to private tutoring and guiding families through the process of home schooling.

April 2017-Present, Homeschooling, Mother of Two Children, Year 1 and Year 5

I am writing to let you know that C starts school at the end of August. We cannot express in writing the AMAZING journey we have had over the last couple of years.
J is consistently getting high marks at school and has ambitions to go to Oxford… not bad for a boy who was in hospital from school stress less than 3 years ago!
C has regained confidence through the enabling and growth of her incredible creative skills. I will forward pictures of the dress and short suit that she made last week! Her photography basically blew away the new school as it is A level standard.
Every single one of you and your tutors have been instrumental in teaching our children to ‘Enjoy Education’. They will go back into the system confident and with real life skills. Thank you.

Mother of child who home-schooled her son through Enjoy Education and decided to provide her daughter with the same opportunity, 2018

The Enjoy tutors homeschooled our son through an extremely difficult period of his life. The academics were excellent, but I think the singing, piano, yoga, meditation and cultural excursions made the real difference. The highly individualised, holistic programme brought our happy son back to us after a serious downward spiral.

Parent of child with Asperger's Syndrome, 2017

Enjoy Education have helped my son enormously. They provided a very relevant tutor to encourage him in learning Latin and within an hour he understood more than 2 years at school had taught him. The agency and tutor were incredibly quick to respond and set up all the sessions we needed. I’m sure this will provide a great foundation for my son to now enjoy learning Latin. Very impressed with the service and will definitely continue with the tutor. Thanks! Amazing what results you can get with the right teaching.

R Williams, Year 6 Latin Tuition, 2018

As ever, we are so happy and impressed with all of these tutors. Every tutor we have had (quite a few over the years!) has been fantastic: super-bright, inspirational, creative, responsive. Unbelievably good. They are all highly impressive, enthusiastic, inspiring and engaging young people. Ideal tutors and lovely role models for our girls. I will be sorry that they’ll no longer be part of the girls’ lives.

Maths, Biology and Mandarin, Mother of Year 13 and Year 8 students, 2018

We enjoyed having such a lovely tutor in our home. She is very pleasant to be around and very easy to live with (which is a very important aspect for live-in tutors to have). She was very patient with the children. She has developed both our kids’ English. We would like to hire a tutor next summer also, both to get ‘A’ even more used to speaking English before starting school in England next September.

This afternoon ‘L’ received an offer to read History at Exeter College, Oxford. Naturally we’re all very excited! Many thanks to you and your colleagues for the support you were able to provide during the critical run-up to the interviews. I’m sure it made a positive difference.

I’m not sure if ‘L’ has let Alex know – could you pass this news on to him please as I’d like him to know about his positive contribution to this young person’s life.

State educated student aiming for Oxford University

‘J’ was an excellent tutor. Her knowledge of Japanese and her teaching of it were first class, as well as the easy manner in which she taught ‘A’. She communicated everything very well and was able to bring ‘A”s level of confidence up to a very high standard. Her help was invaluable. She was also very reliable and turned up to every session on time, travelling to us from places like Cambridge and Wales over the Christmas period! She is a lovely, polite and friendly young lady and I have no hesitation in recommending her most highly.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you for doing such a fantastic job of organising a group of excellent tutors and coordinating everything so expertly and with such flexibility.
All the tutors were really fantastic. They were so professional and committed and worked incredibly hard to engage ‘P’ and prepare him in such a short space of time. It can’t have been an easy task!
Of course we will keep you posted with the results. George was an absolute rock – he was helping ‘P’ late into the night and seemed to be there whenever ‘P’ needed to ask a question. ‘P’ said that if only he had chosen the right question he could have done well and he clearly felt well prepared. We can’t thank George enough for being so supportive

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