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Insight Press 21st June, 2016

What should our son be doing to win a place at Cambridge University?

Our CEO, Kate Shand, offers advice on how to bag a place at one of the world's top universities.

Insight Press 26th April, 2016

Can we rely on league tables?

Question: How much should we rely on league tables when choosing a school for our son?

Insight Press 7th April, 2016

How to gain a music scholarship at secondary school

Question: My daughter is a talented musician, could she get a scholarship to an independent school?

News Press 1st March, 2016

Enjoying Life: Extraordinarily good teaching

Former Headteacher of Francis Holland School Regent’s Park, Vivienne Durham, reflects on looking at education from the other side of the fence

Insight Press 11th February, 2016

Should I pay for prep school or tutoring?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on the value of prep school.

Insight Press 4th February, 2016

School Registration: How soon is too soon to plan your newborn’s education?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on how soon, if ever, is too soon to think about your child's education.

Insight Press 1st January, 2016

History Lesson: Comparing the classroom

How different is the modern day classroom compared to 100 years ago – and does it prepare our children for what lies ahead?

News Press 1st December, 2015

Christmas Cheer: Promoting happy children

A recent study states our children are some of the unhappiest in the world. So how do we put a smile back on their faces?

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