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Our 11+ Masterclasses offer an in-depth revision of the 11+ Maths, English and Reasoning syllabi. With a focus on exam technique and led by 11+ specialists.

Our Maths Masterclass allows students to hone their 11+ Maths skills to perfection.

Students will be provided with expert knowledge and practice on the four main areas of the 11+ Maths syllabus: Numbers, Calculations, Shape & Space, and Problem Solving.

I have very high expectations from all Enjoy courses anyway, but they continue to exceed my expectations each time, as Ben is constantly happy and excited when I collect him, and keen to go again the next day!

The one day English masterclass is the perfect opportunity to perfect comprehension and creative writing skills. Offering an in-depth look at the English syllabus to ensure your child is fully confident of all the concepts examined at 11+.


  • Max class size: 8
  • Dates: Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th October | 10am – 3.15pm
  • Location: Knightsbridge | SW7

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