Mental health and wellbeing

We founded Enjoy Education with a clear mission: to nurture happy lifelong learners.

The pressures on today’s students are intense and manifold. We advise many students who are struggling, introducing tutors to help them stay on track and, in many cases, get back on track. Ensuring students are inspired, motivated and happy in their learning is as important to us as great exam results.

A confident, resilient mindset is crucial for students to thrive in the classroom and beyond. Whether a bespoke home schooling programme or subject specific top up, all our services are designed to nurture creativity, spark curiosity and stoke self-confidence.

We achieve this in several ways…

Building a picture of individual needs

We invest time upfront understanding the student and wider family dynamics, to introduce advisors and tutors who can work in harmony with the whole household.

Finding the right match

Our network of tutors is outstanding – many have been working with families for over 10 years. We carefully introduce the right tutor for the role, ensuring they are the right mentor for a student’s unique needs.

Encouraging the right mindset

Our team of consultants are well seasoned in understanding the mental roadblocks and challenges students can face. The tutors we introduce work thoughtfully and sensitively with students to help encourage mental resilience, confidence and a ‘can do’ mindset.

Creating a framework for success

Our network of expert tutors look beyond the curriculum and encourage the right habits to encourage mental wellbeing.

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Alex has simply been a wonderful tutor and source of support for J over this past academic year. Alex managed to raise J’s confidence and consequently his results very effectively and very quickly.

Mother of a Secondary age student

I know the company you work with is called ‘Enjoy Education’ but for me, education was always tough and saddening. From the start of my tuition I’ve simply viewed my work with Chris as ‘Learning’ and I haven’t just enjoyed it, I’ve loved it. I really didn’t think I was clever but now I feel like I’ve come to see my own potential, which is a really big thing for a growing teen.

An A-Level home-schooling student

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