University admissions

We offer expert advice for admissions to UK universities, including Russell Group and Oxbridge, as well as Ivy League schools in the US.

Choosing a university and course

Understanding where you’d like to study, which course you’d like to take and how that might impact on your future career is complex. We help navigate the landscape and identify the best fit for you, academically and culturally.

Personal statement support

After completing the UCAS application process, you’ll need to ensure your personal statement showcases who you are and why you’d be a good fit. We’ve supported hundreds of students through this process and understand what makes students stand out.

Interview and test support

It can be challenging to show yourself at your best when you’re nervous and unsure of what to expect. Enjoy Education’s expert tutors have experience in the required preparation specific to your course so you can express yourself with confidence.

University and beyond

Adjusting to a new home, often in a new city or country, as well as acclimatising to a more independent approach to study or new subjects can be challenging. We help many students manage the transition. If you’re at university and feel you’d benefit from extra help or tuition, get in touch.

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Due to the cancellation of exams this summer, our University team are working closely with students to ensure they have a clear plan in place around results. Our University Advisors are able to hold your hand throughout the process or to provide you with expert guidance at a specific point on the journey; either way, helping you to navigate UCAS this summer with confidence and clarity.
Get in touch with Holly if you would like to discuss this service further.

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Social partnerships

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Oxbridge admissions

Experienced, subject-specific advice for navigating Oxbridge’s unique admissions process

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