University admissions

We provide expert advice for admissions to UK, US and European universities, including the Russell Group, Oxbridge and Ivy League schools.

Applying to University is an incredibly exciting step in your education journey, but we know the process can feel a little complicated! Our expert UK, US and European university advisors, who have decades of experience, are on hand to support at each stage of the preparation process from choosing university courses through to interviews and deciding between offers.

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How we can support:

Choosing a university and course

Understanding where you’d like to study, which course you’d like to take and how that might impact on your future career is complex. Our network of university advisors can help navigate the landscape and identify the best fit for you, academically and culturally.

UCAS Personal statement support

After completing the UCAS application process, you’ll need to ensure your personal statement showcases who you are and why you’d be a good fit. The tutors we introduce have supported hundreds of students through this process and understand what makes students stand out.

Interview and test support

Everyone performs at their best when they are feeling inspired and assured. Our network of tutors are experts in providing the right academic and pastoral support to ensure students go into their interviews and admissions tests feeling engaged and able to show their full potential.

Studying in the UK

Adjusting to a new home, often in a new city or country, as well as acclimatising to a more independent approach to study or new subjects can be challenging. The expert tutors we introduce support international students to make this transition smoothly and positively, so they can really make the most of these unique years.

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Oxbridge admissions

Experienced, subject-specific advice for navigating Oxbridge’s unique admissions process

Getting started with your personal statement

Often the hardest part of a personal statement is getting started! Take a look at our tips for starting a statement that helps you stand out from the crowd.

University Level Support

Dedicated mentoring to help students thrive in their specialist subjects

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