Academic Assessments

The earlier you can understand how your child learns and whether they may need further support the better. This can make a huge difference to how they fare later in their school life.

Enjoy Education has a brilliant team of senior academic assessors with years of experience and a detailed knowledge of the level at which children should be at each stage of their education. The assessment stage can also help determine which schools may best suit your child and act as a foundation to your tuition programme.

What is an Enjoy Education Academic Assessment?

  • Carried out by one of our Senior Academic Assessors, our assessments provide a thorough appraisal to measure your child’s academic competence, way of learning and knowledge of the syllabus relating to a particular level or entrance exam.
  • All of our assessors are trained teachers with highly-detailed knowledge and experience of the level being assessed.
  • Immediately following the assessment, your education consultant and assessor will discuss the results and findings.
  • A detailed written report is provided for you to use as a reference for schools and to form the basis of your child’s tuition programme.

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