Residential and Live-In Tutors

Long-term Residential placements

We excel in providing families with tutors who specialise in supporting children long-term with their learning, often living in their home and providing a completely bespoke curriculum.

We understand how important it is to find the perfect match, not only academically but personally. Our in-house education consultants interview both the family and prospective tutors to ensure we find the best tutor for you and your children. These tutors often become mentors to the children and are experts in ensuring learning is engaging and completely personalised to their needs.

Travelling the World?

As more families are wanting open their children’s eyes to new opportunities around the world, Enjoy Education has continued to deliver bespoke programmes to families across the world to ensure that the children get the most out of the experience and there is continuity in their learning.

The opportunities of learning a new geography, culture, language and outlook on life can be invaluable to a child’s education long term, whether you are sailing around the world, travelling in South East Asia or seconded to Hong Kong. Our specialist residential tutors will develop a programme to suit you and your children to ensure their ongoing learning remains a focus of their experience, ensuring easy integration back into the school environment on return.

Entry into a British School

Britain’s independent schools are some of the best in the world, offering holistic and extra-curricular activities which complement the core curriculum. We have a deep understanding of the British school system and understand where a child needs to be academically to gain entry and flourish in their chosen school. We can provide English as an Additional Language (EAL) support , prepare students for Entrance exams and help families choose the schools that best suit their needs.

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Case Study: A Summer on a Polo Ranch, Argentina

British winters follow a familiar pattern. The wind howls, the rain falls, and it’s dark by the time we finish our lunch. Even the best of us emerge a stone heavier and three shades paler than we would wish. But for Peter and Benjamin, two Enjoy Education tutors, 2014 was different. We sent them off to the other side of the world to ensure a young boy found continuity, rigour and inspiration in his learning.

“Our charge was Felix, a boy in his penultimate year at an English prep school. In addition to success in the classroom, he was an accomplished sportsman and musician. He had places at top public schools, and the family were keen that he should continue to be active with his studies and music throughout the holidays. That meant a daily programme of academic morning sessions with Peter followed by practice and composition with the maestro de música, Benjamin, in the afternoon. Over three weeks, this approach covered most areas of Felix’s learning, with a particular emphasis on Maths, as well as preparation for an upcoming Grade 8 music exam.”

There are a lot of advantages to residential placements. With regular contact over an extended period, tutors can fully understand and adapt to the child’s learning style. Felix, for example, turned out to respond best to kinesthetic and aural approaches (unsurprising for a sportsman and musician!). This time spent together allows the tutor to stretch a child in areas of strength, and root out misunderstandings in weaker topics.

On the other hand, a tutor must be resourceful to keep sessions fresh over such a long period.

The time spent together allows a tutor and child to form a real connection. This, we are certain, is one of the best ways to imbue children with a passion for learning, and encourage a mind-set that will continue to drive their studies well into the future.

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