Creative Programme Design

GCSE and A Level Homeschooling

Managing the volume of subjects examined at GCSE and the detailed knowledge required at A Level can prove overwhelming for some students. For over 12 years Enjoy Education has designed balanced, focused and achievable GCSE and A Level programmes. Contact one of our Education Consultants about how Enjoy Education can provide GCSE and A Level homeschooling and support you with private entry to national exams.

Project Based Learning

For many children learning abstract concepts and topics can feel isolating and boring. Enjoy Education homeschooling tutors are guided by our Education Team to place academic learning into a real world setting. We seriously enjoy building fun, relevant and exciting project based learning programmes in collaboration with our private tutors. English, Maths, the Sciences, Humanities and the Arts are all weaved into real-world projects. Recent student projects have included ‘It’s a Bug’s Life’, ‘Climate Change and the World Around Us’, ‘Superheroes and the Fantasy World’ and ‘Fashion through the Ages’.

Allow your child to reconnect with their learning

The joy of home education is that the scope, style and design possibilities of your timetable are endless. Alongside the all important academic subjects, some of our families have added the following extra-curricular tuition to their programmes:

  • Academic excursions
  • Fencing
  • Chess
  • Fashion: Design and Creation
  • Photography
  • Creative Construction (one student built a go-kart in their garden!)
  • Physical Education
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Skateboarding
  • Drama and Dance

To find out more about our creative learning programmes and homeschooling support, contact one of our Education Consultants.


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