Partnerships with Schools

Enjoy Education is proud to be working with a number of schools and schools groups to support students in their learning. Together, we deliver academic and English language tutoring across a range of subjects and skill sets to ensure students are supported in their learning, whatever their need.

We run a range of programmes in schools from Common Entrance revision workshops to EAL training for teachers and support for students.

If you’d like to work with Enjoy Education to provide additional learning support for your students in your school then please get in touch with Sophie Stead:

These are some of the ways we have worked with schools in the past:

  • 11+ preparation
  • SEN supplementary support
  • Pre-Test and Common Entrance preparation
  • EAL afterschool clubs
  • Afterschool literacy programmes
  • Afterschool numeracy programmes
  • Oxbridge Support
  • And many more!

Working in partnership with schools has allowed us to ensure that the best interest of the children we work with remains at the core of everything we do.

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