Preparing for Entrance

This may include a written exam and an interview. For more information on the different admissions processes by age group then please head to our Tuition page on Entrance Exams.

Enjoy Education has been advising and supporting parents and students through the admissions process for over a decade, providing unique insight into how best to prepare for the exams and interview process.


We specialise in tuition for School Entrance exams. It’s important that students feel prepared and confident, ready to fulfil their potential and present their best selves. Careful preparation ahead of the exams ensures students don’t feel pressurised and stressed but understand the techniques and subject knowledge needed to perform at their best.

Revision support

We have specialist tutors experienced in successfully preparing students into top independent schools including St Paul’s School, Westminster School, Eton College, Dulwich College and City of London School.

Our tutors regularly undergo training to ensure they are up to date on any changes to the school admissions process and have access to the best possible resources.

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We run a number of Academic Courses throughout the year to Support your Child through 11+ and 13+ and help make the most out of the revision period.

Our courses are led by trained teachers and assessors with decades of experience in preparing children for their Common Entrance exams and interviews.

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June – July

  • Kickstart Summer: A detailed assessment of the 11+ and 13+ Maths and English papers to pinpoint areas that need work.


  • Passport Project: Innovative online course to build confidence for the 11+ or pre-test exams and interviews. Covering fascinating topics in Maths, English, Humanities and the Arts.
  • 11+ Back to School Booster: Brush away summer holiday cobwebs with our three-day course on Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

October Half Term

  • 7+ and 8+ Practice Exams and Interview Workshop: Build confidence by practising the full experience of the 7+ and 8+ entry process. The interviews are led by Lucy Watts, formerly headmistress of Eaton House, Belgravia.
  • Interview Workshop and Online Testing: Learn how to impress at the crucial interview and computerised pre-tests.
  • 11+ Maths and English Masterclasses: An in-depth look at the Maths and English syllabuses with Enjoy Education’s expert 11+ teachers.

November – December

  • 11+ Practice Exams: Practise working under timed exam conditions. A great opportunity to find out which areas your child needs to work on.


  • 11+ Crunch Time: A final refresher and confidence builder before the upcoming exams.


To book one of our courses, visit our Courses page and sign up now. 

Spaces are limited to ensure the learning is focused and personalised.

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