Preparing for the Pre-test, 11+ and CAT4 this summer

If your child is sitting entrance exams this year, working out how to best use the summer can feel daunting.

At Enjoy Education, we have found that the best strategy is a mixture of preparation and relaxation. We want to make sure that all our students make the most of all their hard work and stay on top of their Pre-test, 11+ or CAT4 preparation, while also having a proper break ahead of a busy year.

This summer, we’re supporting students to close learning gaps, prepare for interview and feel confident as they start Year 6.

How we’re supporting students this summer


Identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement with academic assessments, getting specific feedback, so you know where to focus their preparation this summer

Specialist Pre-test and 11+ tuition

Work with our network of dedicated entrance exam tutors to build skills and confidence in Pre-test, 11+ and CAT4 assessments

Practice exams and interviews

Don’t miss our practice exam and group interview days on Wednesday 31st August and Wednesday 26th October. These are great opportunities to get your child used to exam conditions and what to expect at interview

Passion projects for interview

Build on your child’s interests or try something completely new this summer with Enjoy Education, so that your child can confidently talk about their passions and interests at interview. Get in touch for our recommended reading lists and podcasts

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