Mentoring and Executive Skills

Enjoy Education Mentoring

We have a brilliant network of mentors who work closely with our students to ensure they are fully supported, grow in their confidence and are able to make sensible decisions independently.

Our mentors are trained to motivate, guide and advise students on what is needed to achieve their goals and benefit from a happy and fulfilled education.

Mentors may support students by creating personal and educational goals and objectives, monitoring each student´s learning progress, assisting international families by liaising with the school and guiding the student towards the next step of their education.

Independent Skills Coaching

Developing the skills to be an independent learner is essential to ensure your child reaches their full potential. However, the skills needed to achieve this – often known as Executive Skills – are interestingly not fully developed in young adults until they are 25 years old. We recognise that students need support and guidance to ensure they are able to make the most of their education and the critical years of development. Therefore, we have exclusively partnered with a team of educational psychologists to provide first-class coaching for our families.

Year on year, the team at Enjoy Education see the impact of a mentoring partnership of private tuition on our students’ confidence, self-esteem and personal growth. We believe in private tuition putting emphasis on fostering a ‘can do’ attitude. As educationalists, we are all committed to supporting students in the ways which are most relevant for them to develop into happy and confident lifelong learners. Bespoke one-to-one tuition and mentoring has the power to transform a student’s outlook and engagement in education.

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