Online Tuition

If your child is at boarding school or you live abroad or in a difficult-to-reach part of the countryside, quite often online tuition is the simplest way to have access to the high calibre of tutors provided by Enjoy Education.

Our innovative Virtual Learning Platform

It’s never been easier to receive quality one to one tutoring from expert tutors through Enjoy Education’s interactive and easy to use Virtual Learning Platform. Designed to replicate the rigour of one-to-one tuition, our bespoke online platform has:

  • a secure, password protected environment;
  • an interactive white board;
  • the capability to upload any supporting teaching materials or student documents;
  • the ability to share screens;
  • instant communication via video, audio and text.

Why hire an online tutor with Enjoy Education?

  • Accessibility – Location, different time zones and travel time are no longer barriers to access expert and experienced tutors;
  • Convenient & Flexible – Your child can fit their tutoring session around their school commitments. Learning doesn’t have to stop even when you are abroad!
  • Measurable progress – Monitoring progress can be less intrusive and, as sessions can be recorded, you can review what happens and see the progress made;
  • Safe & secure – The entire platform operates in secure HTTPS mode (the same as online banking services) and all audio, video and text is encrypted. All sessions can be recorded for safeguarding, as well as revision, purposes;
  • All-in-one – Resources used, notes made and the recording of the session itself can all be stored and accessed in one place.


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