Online Tuition

Whether you are looking for a short or long-term learning solution for your child, we have the technology and tutors to support.

Why hire an online tutor with Enjoy Education?

The same top-quality tutors

Our tutors set the highest standards in their teaching, whatever the format of their sessions: their approach to online tuition – including planning and delivery – does not differ from that of face-to-face tuition.

Whether they’re teaching online or face-to-face, all our tutors are fully vetted during our rigorous interview process, where we assess their personality, subject knowledge and teaching style.


Gone are the days of pen-and-paper tuition! Online tuition – with its interactive functionality – allows for efficient and seamless collaboration via a virtual notebook (which is offered by Bramble, one of our recommended online platforms).

With schools now incorporating more technology into their teaching, computer-based learning is becoming an increasingly-popular learning tool amongst students. So don’t be surprised if your child is even more engaged in their online sessions!


Any time: Since your tutor doesn’t need to factor in travel time, tuition can take place at any time of day, even early or late in the day.

Any place: Based far out of London? Or do you spend the weekends in the countryside? Location is no longer an issue!

Long-term: if you or your tutor move away in the future, online tuition means continuity for your child’s learning.

Revision made easy

No more lost notes: everything that is covered in the session – including any resources shared – is automatically saved for later.

Playback: many online platforms (including Bramble) automatically record their sessions for the purposes of playback and revision in the future, via the ‘revision library’. This means that your child can access everything that has been covered with just a click of a button!

Access to in-demand tutors

During busy periods, some of our best tutors can get fully booked for in-person tuition. However, they often have a slots open for online tuition, since it does not require any travel time. 

Safe & Secure

All of our tutors are DBS checked and, for added reassurance, many online platforms allow for online lessons to be recorded.

The entire platform operates in secure HTTPS mode (the same as online banking services) and all audio, video and text is encrypted. All sessions can be recorded for safeguarding, as well as revision, purposes;

Interested in an online tutor?

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Online vs face-to-face

It’s never been easier to receive quality tutoring from expert tutors through online tuition:

  • Students enjoy and are often used to working with ICT and things like social media
  • An online platform allows for efficient and seamless collaboration via Google Docs and the virtual notebook
  • Sessions are recorded on Bramble (if you’re using this platform) for the purposes of playback and revision in the future, via the ‘revision library’.

Meet a Selection of our Online Tuition Specialists

Enjoy Education works with over 1,000 tutors, all of which are interviewed in person by our experienced Education Consultant team. It’s never been easier to receive quality one-to-one tutoring from expert tutors through Enjoy Education’s interactive and easy to use Virtual Learning Platform.

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