Pre-School Tuition in the London Area

We believe that encouraging children to see the value and joy in learning can have hugely positive outcomes throughout life.

At Enjoy Education, we provide learning support for younger children in a number of ways, either through educational play or in preparation for 4+ entry, laying the groundwork to ensure they reach their full potential.


Much of a child’s learning experience is influenced by confidence. Our younger years tutors understand how important it is to build confidence and encourage children to express their thoughts and believe in their learning ability.

English as an Additional Language

Every year we support a number of families who are moving or have recently moved to the UK and need English as an Additional Language (EAL) tuition for members of their family. Our specialist EAL tutors have years of experience and understand how to help children integrate quickly into their new school environment.

We also work directly with a number of schools, supporting new students through specialised English language tuition, home-schooling and running EAL after school sessions for students.
For more information about how Enjoy Education can support your school please email Sophie Stead:

Academic Assessments

The earlier you can understand how your child learns and whether they may need further support can make a huge difference to how they fare later in their school life.

Enjoy Education has a brilliant team of senior academic assessors with years of experience and a detailed knowledge of the level at which children should be at each stage of their education. The assessment stage can also help determine which schools may best suit your child.

Enjoy Education assessments

Numeracy and Literacy

Sometimes a child needs one-to-one support to help them get to grips with the foundations of learning. Our tutors are highly experienced in creating fun and engaging ways to support learning and to ensure their tutees are prepared for the next stage of their education. We also have fantastic reading lists for this age group for both parents and children to enjoy.

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