Bespoke One-To-One Private Tuition

At Enjoy Education, we believe that bespoke one-to-one tuition has the power to transform a student’s outlook and engagement in education. We strive to instil the sense of power and positivity in learning that extends far beyond the school walls.


Our tutors bring learning to life and help to ignite a student’s passion, without focusing solely on the need to pass an exam. We want to create lifelong learners in children who are ready to learn and be open to ideas throughout both their school and adult careers.

Thank you so much!! We are so grateful to Enjoy Education. Thank you for helping us keep our children inspired, thriving and motivated.

Liv Tyler


Creative learning has been shown to generate a deeper understanding of a subject, build new connections and encourage children to think independently, essential skills for developing happy, confident learners. Creative learning also encourages the development of so-called ‘soft’ skills, such as: empathy, team work, initiative and tenacity that employers look for when hiring.

…Students not only remember what they’ve learned but start to think more creatively themselves which increases both their enjoyment of and their achievements in the subject.

Ranti W, Enjoy Tutor


Private tuition transcends the curriculum; by offering a unique opportunity for teaching that is tailored to individual interests and motivations, one-to-one tutoring can nurture personal growth and confidence, ensuring that your child develops into a happy and lifelong independent learner.

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