Learning Resources



  1. Khan Academy – promises “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere” through its diverse bank of short video tutorials
  2. Wonderopolis – sends subscribers a new ‘wonder’ to discover each day
  3. First News – weekly newspaper for kids aged 7 -14
  4. Puzzle Choice – a variety of crosswords, word search and maths problems to keep your brain ticking over!

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GCSE, A Level & IB

  1. 2017 Exam timetable for GCSE, IB, and A level
  2. Revision guides and tips
  3. S-Cool – the largest revision site for GCSEs and A Levels
  4. GCSE Bitesize – written & interactive content, audio, video and games to help revise for GCSEs


  1. The Student Room – “where students connect”; free revision help and study planner tools
  2. Quizlet – learning tools and games to help you revise
  3. Memrise – uses pictures and other mnemonic devices to help you revise.

Websites for Schools and Exam Information

  1. Good Schools Guide – for in-depth information on independent schools
  2. Galore Park – educational textbooks and Common Entrance practice papers
  3. AQA , OCR , Edexcel , WJEC, Pre-U – UK examination boards for GCSE and A Level
  4. ISEB – examination board for Common Entrance

For Young Learners

  1. Reading Eggs – online reading games and activities from ages 3 – 13

We’d love to hear your suggestions! Email or tweet us the resources you’d like to add to the collection.

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