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Going to university is a chance to expand your horizons and deepen your learning – we are here to help as you take the next step.

For those heading to university, we aim to make the experience as rewarding as possible. Dedicated mentoring can give students the opportunity to investigate new concepts more deeply, test ideas and push their boundaries of enquiry; building their confidence and broadening their perspectives.

The global disruption of the last 18 months has been especially hard on students. Many feel their current university experience is not what they were hoping for and expected. Remote lectures, less hands-on guidance from tutors, and limitations on shared experiences have made it hard to maintain a strong academic performance and motivation. Challenges can be especially hard for international students, who are navigating a new environment without trusted support networks.

If you’re needing support to get your university experience back on track, Enjoy Education are here for you. We have decades of experience supporting learners at every stage of their university career. We work with you individually, crafting a bespoke plan that ensures you can thrive at university.

Feeling uncertain about higher education?

For many of our students, we’re introducing specialist tutors with degrees from top universities in their chosen subject, who can mentor them through the course and ensure their learning experience challenges, excites and engages them.

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Some of our areas of expertise: 

Catching up: Our university tutors can help co-create a plan to help to catch up and build confidence.

Planning: online learning can be challenging. Our tutors and coaches can give structure, motivation and help your understanding of courses.

Essay writing: our essay writing specialists can help you get off to a great start, with planning and exploring the essay subject in more detail.

Dissertations: help from a specialist for topic research and essay skills.

Developing knowledge: for students who want to deepen their knowledge and aim for top grades while exploring their subject in more detail, our specialist tutors can help.

Exam preparation: for students who have exams coming up who need help with exam prep and putting together an action plan.

Life after university: for those who have just graduated or are graduating this year, we have specialists on hand to help with everything from CV writing, career planning to interview preparation.

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