Finding the Right University

Our University Advice team are here to guide you through each stage of the process.

  • Understanding which courses would be most suitable for you
  • Creating a shortlist of universities
  • Filling out your application
  • Personal statement support
  • Interview Advice and Practice
  • Tuition and Mentoring

Choosing a University and Course

It can be easy to base the choice of your university shortlist purely on league tables but there is so much more to a university career than the results at the end. Think carefully about where you want to be located, what kind of teaching style you would like and whether a campus or city university will suit you better.

We understand that this is a big decision to take on and we can provide detailed guidance and understanding of the different universities and courses that may be available to you. A consultation with our University Advisor will provide you with the information you need to start putting together your list and thinking about the next stage of the process – the application.

If you are interested in applying to an American university, click to find out more about the application process.

The Application Process

Once you have chosen which universities you’d like to apply for, if the university is based in the UK, you will then need to complete the UCAS application process and ensure your personal statement really shines. The personal statement is your chance to show each university who you are, the achievements you have made and why you would be a good fit for the course and their institution.

We’ve supported hundreds of students through this process and understand what makes a good personal statement and how to stand out from the crowd. It’s never too early to start thinking about what you need and want to say about why you would love to study your chosen subject.

Getting the Grades

The application process is just one piece of the jigsaw. It’s important that you are able to achieve the grades you need to gain a place at your chosen universities. Our A Level and IB tutors are highly experienced at supporting students through their final school exams to ensure successful entry into the universities of your choice.
Please contact the Enjoy Education team to find out more.

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