Relocation Support

Whether you’re deciding between state or independent, co-ed or single sex, day or boarding, or even just trying to pick between different schools on your short list, it can sometimes feel as though the decisions never end.

Enjoy Education specialises in advising families on the best options for their children’s education and we will be on hand at every stage during the relocation process to support you with your decisions.

Stage 1: EAL Assessments

EAL (English as an Additional Language) assessments will provide a clear insight into your children’s current levels of English and the key areas for attention preceding relocation to allow for successful entry into your chosen school(s).

Stage 2: Schools Advice and Admissions

Your dedicated Education Consultant will guide you through every stage of the process to find the best school(s) for your children. Based on the academic assessments and a consultation, our expert Schools Advisory team will compile a personalised schools report including the different entry points, entry requirements and key dates and deadlines for chosen schools.

Stage 3: Blended Tuition Programme

We will recommend experienced and highly skilled tutors to inspire your children and ensure they are well-prepared for integration into a new school system. These tuition sessions can take place in your home country, online or in the UK.

Stage 4: School Application and Registration Support

Application and registration for British schools can be complicated and can vary from school to school. As your Education Partner, we support you with applications, arrange visits and liaise with schools to ensure all deadlines are met and that registration or requests are fulfilled.

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