The transition to GCSEs is a big step. Choosing options, developing time management, revision skills and critical thinking are all important skills to master.

It’s the perfect time to uncover academic passions and embed great learning habits for the future. Some students flourish from having dedicated time to deepen their understanding of subjects and discover new interests. Some do best by having an intensive programme to support them throughout ‘bumpy’ periods, revision and pre-exam top up.

We invest the time and care to understand each student – both in our tutor match and in structuring their learning programme.

We take time upfront to understand the individual student, their learning style, skills and challenges, before deciding on the most suitable tutor for work with them – learning becomes an enjoyable shared journey.

Our tutors are all tried and trusted, with excellent attitudes – they are truly invested in the academic support of your teenager, and have high levels of professionalism, and results orientated mindsets. We check in regularly with all our families to ensure expectations are met.

When needed, we can put together entire learning programmes. These structured frameworks for learning can make a huge difference, diminishing stress, and helping students focus their time where it is most productive.

Enjoy Education have helped my son enormously in learning Latin. They provided a very relevant tutor and within an hour he understood more than 2 years at school had taught him. Very impressed with the service… Amazing what results you can get with the right teaching!

R Williams, parent

I was really impressed by the breadth and structure of the curriculum and the quality of the work that the tutors were setting; It was as close to ‘classroom’ work as it could be…

Lucy Watts, Former Headmistress Eaton House Belgravia

Sincerest thanks to you for doing such a fantastic job of organising a group of excellent tutors and coordinating everything so expertly and with such flexibility. All the tutors were so professional and committed and worked incredibly hard to engage

Parent of a GCSE student

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