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The opportunity to travel and learn is fantastically enriching for children. And in today’s connected world, it is ever easier for families to combine work, adventure and education, whatever the location.

Each year, we help parents who want to give their children an educational experience beyond the classroom, opening up a world of new and multifaceted learning, both cultural and academic.

Our specialist residential tutors join families on short holidays, long term trips or live and teach in homes outside the UK. Combining the quality of an independent education with the freedom to enrich learning through travel, residential tuition is an incredibly rewarding way to learn.

In summer 2019, we ran conservation and sports camps on the island of Mustique

As an integral part of any programme, your tutor will bring to life the geography, history, ecology, language and culture of the places you live in and explore: a personalised curriculum that ensures academic excellence with a uniquely enriching perspective.

Our goal is to introduce you to tutors who will help your children become passionate, responsible and engaged global citizens – and open their eyes to the wonders of our planet and its peoples.

Hear from one of our families about her experiences of residential tuition in Costa Rica here. 

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We enjoyed having such a lovely tutor in our home. She is very pleasant to be around and very easy to live with (which is a very important aspect for live-in tutors to have). She was very patient with the children.

Parent of two EAL children who recently relocated to the UK

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