Preparing for the 7+ and 8+

Applying for Year 2 or Year 3 entry? We’re here to help.

From tailored tuition to interview practice, we support students to put their best foot forward as they take this exciting step towards a new school.

We support families preparing for these exams with:

Schools Advice

Choosing the right school for your child can feel overwhelming. We work closely with former heads of top private schools, who can talk you through the real essence of each school, its admissions process, and its culture, so you can identify the right school for your child.

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Assessments are a fantastic way to understand where your child’s strengths and areas in need of support lie. Including a full written report, verbal debrief and structured learning objectives, assessments provide specific pointers on the areas to focus gentle tuition in the lead-up to exams.


Our network of experienced 7+ and 8+ tutors specialise in supporting students throughout their exams in Year 2 and Year 3, developing key skills in Maths, English and Reasoning that go beyond the curriculum.

Mock interviews

An interview at 7+ or 8+ is likely the first formal interview a child has had. We build confidence through mock interviews with ex-Heads of top independent schools, so that children feel comfortable and ready for the real thing.

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Choosing the right nursery & school

Finding the right school for you, and understanding the application process

Top tips for school interviews

Some key points to consider when preparing for a school interview.


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