School entrance exams

We help students and their families confidently navigate entrance exams at every stage.

Entrance exams can feel challenging for the whole family. Our advice is bespoke and holistic, designed to ease the pressure for the whole family.

Tailored support for every student
We all have areas we excel in and areas we find more challenging. Introducing the right tutor is key to our approach. Some students benefit from 2-year support leading up to their entrance exams, some just need a few weeks of pre-exam one-to-one sessions or an intensive pre-exam course. Whatever the need, your tutor will work hard to keep subjects fun and enjoyable, so students enjoy the learning journey and approach the exams with confidence.

Supporting parents on the journey
Navigating entrance exams can be tough. As well as supporting children through the exams, parents need to understand different schools’ philosophies, approaches and entrance criteria – a huge undertaking.

Our network of schools advisors’ knowledge of different schools means they can advise on the right fit for your children’s personality and learning needs, so you can be confident you’ll find the right school for them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. Click here to find out more about finding the right school. 

We work closely with exam experts, and are fully up to speed with the latest developments and curriculum. Our specialisms include:

  • Initial academic assessments to structure individual programmes
  • Specially trained 7+, 8+, 11+, Pre-Test, CAT4 and 13+ Common Entrance private tutors
  • Goal setting, on-going review and monthly reporting
  • Bespoke formal practice exams and exam technique guidance
  • Specialist Interview Preparation and mock interviews with ex-Headteachers.
  • Mock exams and past paper resources.
  • Study courses
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E is on waiting list for a top school, he aced Common Entrance and got a well deserved place, Enjoy Education were fantastic! He even said that he was not nervous going into the exams.

In her own words, “A very proud and relieved Mummy!”

I am delighted to let you know that our son had 3 offers (City of London, Latymer and Dulwich) out of the 4 schools he applied to. Out of these three two came with scholarships (Dulwich and City) so we could not be happier!

Ines, mother of two Primary age sons

Our tutor is very passionate about teaching and his student’s welfare. He does not pay lip service to parents; he rather focuses on getting the child, through different methods, to the level he needs to be performing at. M thrived under his supervision… would definitely recommend Sean to any student working towards 11+/13+ entrance exams in the future.

Mother of two sons

I just wanted to let you know that D has been invited back to Latymer for an interview next week! He did very well in his assessment. He had a very positive experience during his mock assessment with Enjoy which I think helped a lot!

An entrance exams specialist tutor

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