Beyond University

Learning is a lifelong project; we relish the opportunity to inspire curious minds of every age.

A person’s learning journey can take many paths beyond school and university. We offer adult learning across diverse subjects, relevant to the widest spread of ages and interests.

We’re also here to talk things through, and provide the right tailored support for students, including:

  • focused academic and subject-specific support;
  • skills development, CV writing and career planning;
  • general mentorship and support;
  • guidance on how to research and write a great essay with limited access to a library or;
  • exploring and developing a totally new skill altogether, such as coding, vlogging or writing a business plan!

Please get in touch with us and find out more about the tailored programmes we can create.

If you’re not at university yet or are looking to explore postgraduate study, and would like help with the application process, see how we can support your journey here.

Wondering what’s next?

The global disruption of the last two years has been especially hard on students and those entering the job market. For those who have just graduated, are graduating this year, or are even experienced professionals, we have specialists on hand to help with everything from CV writing, career planning to interview preparation.

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