11+ & Pre-test preparation

Preparing for senior school entry is an exciting time, but we know that the process can feel a little complicated!

From choosing the right school for your child to wrapping your head around the different exam formats, our in-house team at Enjoy support our families every step of the way for both parent and child. We carefully listen to your needs and provide tailored guidance, so that everyone enters the exam process feeling happy, confident and motivated.

Here are a few of the ways Enjoy can support both you and your child when preparing for the Pre-test and 11+

Schools Advice

Choosing the right school can be overwhelming. We work with former Heads of top private schools as educational advisors. They can talk you through the real essence and leadership of schools to ensure you find a school your child will thrive in.


Assessments are a fantastic way to understand where your child’s strengths and areas in need of support lie. This forms the foundation of your child’s tailored tuition programme. The assessment includes a full written report, a verbal debrief and structured learning objectives, so everyone can track progress.


Our network of expert 11+ and Pre-test tutors specialise in supporting students through their exams in Year 6 and beyond. Our bespoke training enables the tutors we introduce to keep up to speed with any updates to these tests to make sure your child’s preparation is comprehensive and targeted.

Practice Exams

Enjoy Education’s practice exams familiarise your child with the formal exam environment and build their confidence for the day itself. Our practice exams are in August and October.

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Mock interviews

Get your child a mock interview with an ex-Head of a top independent school so that your child is confident and familiar with the process and at their best ahead of the real interview!

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E is on waiting list for a top school, he aced Common Entrance and got a well deserved place, Enjoy Education were fantastic! He even said that he was not nervous going into the exams.

In her own words, “A very proud and relieved Mummy!”

I am delighted to let you know that our son had 3 offers (City of London, Latymer and Dulwich) out of the 4 schools he applied to. Out of these three two came with scholarships (Dulwich and City) so we could not be happier!

Ines, mother of two Primary age sons

Our tutor is very passionate about teaching and his student’s welfare. He does not pay lip service to parents; he rather focuses on getting the child, through different methods, to the level he needs to be performing at. M thrived under his supervision… would definitely recommend Sean to any student working towards 11+/13+ entrance exams in the future.

Mother of two sons

I just wanted to let you know that D has been invited back to Latymer for an interview next week! He did very well in his assessment. He had a very positive experience during his mock assessment with Enjoy which I think helped a lot!

An entrance exams specialist tutor

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