Home-schooling and mental wellbeing

Creating happy, lifelong learners means supporting students not just academically, but mentally and emotionally too.

Often, unhappy education experiences significantly contribute to negative perceptions of learning and exacerbate mental health challenges. It’s our mission to create the right environment for students to reframe these perceptions and help them more positively re-engage with learning.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing is integral to the Enjoy home-schooling approach. Our key principles are:

Build the foundations

Many home-schooling students begin their journey with learning gaps which exacerbate anxieties. Addressing the fundamentals in a bespoke way ensures students have a steady base to build from.

Role model and inspire

Difficult education experiences can embed negative perceptions of education. Mentors introduced by Enjoy Education champion positive behaviours, nurture students’ talents and inspire their thinking – reframing students’ perceptions of themselves and what they can achieve.

Craft the right plan

Our in-house consultants help parents and students identify new, often unthought of journeys to higher education. We map a bespoke journey to success that’s right for each child, their goals and learning styles. Where needed, we can avoid anxiety inducing assessments and work with you at your child’s pace.

Adapt to needs

Your child’s tailored timetable will often start small and build up, ensuring timetables work around when your child is likely to learn best. Experienced tutors in our network take on hurdles like homework in innovative ways and provide space for students to build on their physical or mental health, so they enjoy the journey.

Lead with their passions

Tutors take time to uncover the topics and styles of learning that ignite a student’s interest, using these as a bridge into more challenging topics. Wherever possible, we take students outside their home; for example with ‘walk and talk’ learning sessions. These ensure students are feeling energised, inspired & healthy as they learn.

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