English as a foreign language

Our English as a Foreign Language support is tailored to your needs.

Most clients have a set target in mind when looking to improve their English, for example:

  • Families relocating to the UK who need to get their English to the right level to start school
  • Students applying to University and sitting IELTS or TOEFL exams
  • International children planning on sitting their UKiset exam
  • Business English proficiency for adults
  • International students improving English for Pre-tests, GCSEs, A-level, or IB
  • Learning for the love of language!

EFL Assessments – Online and In-person

The first step for any of these aims is to understand the existing level of each student’s English. Our comprehensive English Language assessments have been designed to mirror the expectations for fluency at each stage of a student’s schooling, with the Common European Framework of References for Languages in mind.

After completion, we will provide you with an extensive written report, including recommendations for any tuition that may be needed. This can be delivered through a range of different options.

Online Private Tuition

We have developed a bespoke online virtual learning platform, designed to mirror a classroom environment and ensure we can offer private tuition wherever you are based.

Residential Tuition

Intensive one-to-one tuition is extremely effective in improving a child’s language ability. We can arrange for a specialist tutor to join you in your home country. For some families a period of home-schooling may be necessary to prepare for school entrance exams and the challenges of the UK curriculum.

UKiset Tuition

Our expert English Language and entrance exam tutors can help prepare your child for this test which includes assessments of academic potential and English language skills.

One to One Business English Tuition

We understand that you run a busy schedule, so our specialist Business English private tutors can travel to you and fit around your appointments.

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