Winner, Relocate Awards 2022

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Moving overseas involves a lot of adjustment for any child.

Whatever their age, there’s a host of new things to take in. With many years’ experience helping hundreds of families relocate to the UK, we appreciate how essential it is for parents to feel confident about the decisions they make for their families.

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The professionalism, confidence and empathy of the Enjoy Education team was exceptional. With clarity and high academic standards, Enjoy framed a curriculum, sourced tier one tutors, coordinated the plan and began execution within a week. [Both children] are both prospering because of Enjoy’s support… A very HIGH endorsement to this incredible team!

Mother of Secondary students, one with SEN or learning difficulties

Thanks again for all your help and guidance during what could have been an unstable and scary time for the kids. They are having so much fun home-schooling and are so enthusiastic daily about your tutors’ lessons. It is a joy to see.

Family who home-schooled for one term before emigrating to Africa

The emphasis on supporting families who have to split their time between various parts of the world is excellent – this prevents children’s education from disruption and helps assignees and their organisations complete assignments which involve considerable movement effectively but without jeopardising children’s education.

2020 Relocate Global Awards Panel

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