Moving to the UK

We have helped hundreds of families relocate to the UK over the past decade and are proud winners of the Relocate 2020 award.

Applying our specialist expertise and wide experience, we offer support at every step of the relocation journey. Your child’s wellbeing is at the heart of every decision. Everyone should find this new chapter as positive, exciting and rewarding as possible.

See more about our Relocate Award 2020 here.

We can guide you

From deciding on the type of school, to navigating entrance procedures, your dedicated Education Consultant will guide you through the British school structures and academic curriculum.

We can help you choose between schools, manage applications, arrange visits and liaise with schools to meet registration dates and criteria. If you can’t physically visit the schools you’re considering, we’ll give insight and reassurance, so you feel confident you’ve made the best decisions possible for your children.

Discover more

Choosing the right nursery & school

Finding the right school for you, and understanding the application process

School entrance exams

Expert exam advice, plus strategies to build the right skillset for success

English as a foreign language

Mastering command of the English language, for all ages and stages

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We’d love to discuss how we can help your family’s learning journey.

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