With over 10 years’ experience in providing home-schooling, we have a wealth of experience in arranging bespoke, transformational programmes for students of all ages.

These are always set up according to the needs and passions of our students and families, while ensuring the highest level of educational support.

The Enjoy tutors home-schooled our son through an extremely difficult period of his life. The academics were excellent, but the singing, piano, yoga, meditation and cultural excursions made the real difference. The highly individualised, holistic programme brought our happy son back to us after a serious downward spiral.

Parent of GCSE level child with Asperger’s syndrome

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Bespoke home-schooling

Every home-schooling programme we put in place is different and is built around your child’s exact needs.

Home-schooling and mental wellbeing

Supporting mental health and wellbeing is integral to the Enjoy home-schooling approach.

What does it mean to home-school through Enjoy?

Addressing the most common misconceptions about home-schooling, and the power of a bespoke education

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