Relocation Support

How we support families relocating and changing schools.

  • Our dedicated School Advisors will help you choose the perfect new school for your child based on their skills and interests.
  • We manage the complex administrative tasks involved in school transitions, from handling applications to meeting registration criteria.
  • Our tutors are readily available to bridge any learning gaps, guaranteeing your child begins their new school journey confidently.

Relocation Services

Relocating involves a lot of adjustment. We will support you to navigate every stage of this exciting new chapter.

Academic Assessments

Analysing your child's academic level

Benchmarking is an important part of the school application process. Academic assessments allow us to analyse where your child sits in line with their peers, recommend the right schools and application strategy, and structure individualised tuition programmes.

Schools Advice

Help finding the best school

In an increasingly complex education system, we are here to support you in making the best decisions for your family. Working with former Heads of top independent schools, we offer impartial advice on the right schools for your child.

Tuition & Short Term Home Learning

Seamless academic transitions

Once a new school has been chosen, school entrance exams are the next goal. Our expert mentors offer tailored tuition to prepare your child for what is to come. Relocating during before the end of term? If a school place isn't immediately available, we will build a bespoke one-term home learning programme to bridge the gap.

Thank you so much for the 11+ webinar. It was one of the most informative sessions around 11+ I have ever attended (and believe me, with two children, I have listened to many!). ”

Sarah, London, UK

We’ve used tutors from other tutoring companies and your company is, in my humble view, by far the best and the one best in touch with the reality of the day to day situation of the children and the parents. I’ve been recommending you to other mums. ”

Mother, Gloucestershire, UK

I am pleased to report that Clemmie has been offered a place with an scholarship at St Mary’s Ascot, and a place at Wycombe Abbey. She was awarded A*s in the Common Entrance – for the Science result we have to give credit to our Science tutor Mr Duncan who did a fantastic job filling in a number of gaps left by her current school and, most importantly, boosting Clemmie’s confidence in the subject. ”

Mother, 11+ Scholarship

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