With us, children can explore subjects beyond their current school curriculum or attain a second chance at achieving the required grades. Whether it’s GSCE or A Levels, we cover all manner of subjects, from Japanese to Classical Civilisation.

We create tailored programmes focussed on addressing gaps in learning, which can run alongside their current school timetable or be taken as a gap year. Going beyond subject knowledge, our tutors teach young people how to create routine and structure and to be accountable for their goals.

We believe that children should be able to study any subject that inspires them, and we offer the specialist knowledge and credibility you can rely on. Beyond achieving their grades, we provide support for university applications, ensuring they can continue to follow their passions.

When it comes to exam registration, you certainly aren’t alone. We support your family every step of the way with syllabus choice, registration and applications for access arrangements such as extra time, a scribe or a computer in the exams.

Why it is a great option

Expert exam registration support

We have registered hundreds of students for their GCSE and A Level exams and know the complexities of the exam boards, syllabus choices, coursework and fieldwork in great detail. We will be there to support you every step of the way.

Motivating mentors

If a student has had a teacher they haven’t connected with, it is likely they will have found it hard to connect with the subject. Our tutors are handpicked with not only subject expertise in mind, but also how well we feel they will get on with your child.

Guidance with university applications

We look beyond the first hurdle of exams and can also work with your family to ensure we are meeting the details of university applications.

Enjoy Education helped me take film studies which helped me get into the Film College I am in right now. ”

Jahan, One Year GCSE Acceleration Programme

Jahan's GCSE Journey
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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to homeschool any GCSE or A Level subject?

It is possible to homeschool the vast majority of GCSE and A Level subjects. There are a few specific exceptions where group activities are the main requirement of the subject and so we would recommend you arrange a conversation with one of our Education Consultants to discuss this further.

Can you homeschool the IB?

It is possible for our tutors to teach the IB curriculum, but we are not able to organise IB exams. Should you need to resit any of your IB subjects, we recommend you approach your existing school to see if they would accept a resit examination and our tutors will homeschool the content.

How does taking extra subjects work around school?

We work with your family and school to find ‘free periods’ and time during the evenings and weekends that fit around the student’s schedule. We are happy to coordinate with schools about exam arrangements and logistics.

Interested to learn more about homeschooling? Why not get in touch?

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