Unlocking Boundless Potential

Every young person has boundless potential, even if they may not see it themselves.

We are the support network that families turn to for private tuition, homeschooling, specialist guidance, and all-around support at every turn.

We are breaking down the barriers of traditional education, and crafting fun, personalised learning experiences that set students up for success – however that success looks for them.


Tailored learning for every individual

We offer dedicated guidance and arrange outstanding tuition at every stage of learning. We work to instil confidence and readiness in students of all ages and abilities. We work hard to match the ideal tutor(s) to each of our students and create imaginative and intellectually robust programmes to enhance learning.

At Enjoy Education we champion:


We believe in the power of having a passion for knowledge, beyond exams. We create happy lifelong learners, open to new ideas throughout school and beyond.


When students learn creatively, they build new connections and think more independently. They also build empathy, initiative and tenacity; invaluable life skills.


Uncovering and nurturing individual learning styles and talents helps build a sense of self, creating thinkers who are resilient and love to learn.

You built a realistic timetable over the Easter holidays before GCSE term so that he could work with high powered and confidence-building tutors. All this meant that my son felt able to return to school – again something we thought may not be possible – and to attend his GCSEs. He achieved 11 A*s, is so happy and we are so proud. However none of this would have occurred without you. ”

Parent of a teenager who had to take time out of school for illness

We’re here to
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Whether you would like advice on how to structure your children’s home education, require the support of tutors, or simply have questions, our team are ready and waiting to take your calls and answer your emails.