Our travelling tutors allow you to continue a high-quality education, wherever you are

This creates a unique educational opportunity, and we build a programme that integrates with your travels seamlessly, whether you are abroad for a few days or a few years. Every aspect of your child’s education is catered for, including whether our tutors reside with your family, or be housed elsewhere and are available on a full-time or part-time basis. With this assurance, you can fully enjoy your time abroad, confident that your child is receiving the highest quality education.

Who travelling tutors are perfect for…

Short holidays

Whether your child needs support for exam preparation during school holidays or you simply want to ensure they stay connected with learning, our residential tutors can make a remarkable difference in a short amount of time.

Long term trips

Extended trips away don't have to impact your child's education. Our tutors bring a creative touch to the curriculum, designing it in collaboration with the locations you are visiting. This unique approach often results in students outperforming their peers upon their return to school, having benefited from personalised attention.

Families with homes outside the UK

No matter where you are in the world, our tutors can join you abroad and offer expert teaching services in your home away from home. If you are travelling with multiple children, we offer mini-school setups, where a team of tutors can offer a comprehensive education for your whole family.

We’re well! Soaking as much sun and warmth as possible! Jenson and Will had an excellent week together. They work well as a team, make progress and have fun in the process. We wouldn’t hesitate to have Will with us again! ”

Residential in South of France

Just a quick note from me to thank you for all your help with setting up my tuition with Arjun out in Mumbai. I had a fantastic week out there and the lessons were hugely productive – it makes such a difference having an extended period of time with a tutee. Ivaan & Aisha were such generous hosts and made the whole trip really enjoyable too. ”

Tutor, Residential in India

A classroom without walls

Each year, we help families who want to give their children an education that goes beyond the usual classroom experience. This exciting journey brings in a mix of different learning, blending both culture and academics.

Your tutor won’t just teach from the books; they’ll make the places you explore come alive with geography, history, language, and culture. It’s not just about acing the academics but also about inspiring your kids to be curious world citizens, appreciating the wonders of our planet and its diverse cultures.

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Travel and Homeschool

Embrace the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and watch your child thrive, taking the world in as their classroom.

Moving to the UK

Over the last decade, we’ve helped hundreds of families relocate to the UK and our comprehensive relocation service won the Relocate Awards in 2020 and 2022.

Case Study: Travelling Tutors

The Clark Family reveal the transformative impact of having a travelling tutor on their travels in Costa Rica.

Travelling Tutors
Frequently asked questions

Will the tutor live in our home, or can they live elsewhere?

Our tutors can live in your home or outside of the home in a local apartment/hotel. As a minimum a tutor will need a private room during their stay with your family.

What do we need to cater for when we have a residential tutor?

When hosting a residential tutor, you will kindly cover the tutor’s accommodation, food, travel and visa costs. Your tutor will cover their own insurance and the teaching curriculum. If specific resources are needed for teaching, they will discuss this with your family in advance.

Will my tutor need a visa?

We recommend you review your local government website to understand your local visa requirements. We support wherever possible to make your life easier.

How many hours per day does a residential tutor typically work?

The number of tuition hours varies depending on a child’s age and your family’s travel plans. A student of GCSE age will typically work for around 4 hours of one to one tuition per day.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. The trial period for programmes of more than 5 hours per week is one week.

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