Moving to the UK

How we can help you relocate to the UK

  • We introduce you to a dedicated Schools Advisor who will help you pick the perfect school and effortlessly guide you through British school procedures and curriculum.
  • We can handle all the confusing admin that comes with changing schools, from managing applications to fulfilling registration requirements.
  • We offer support in meeting English language requirements through customised tuition programs and ensure any learning gaps are bridged so your child is ready to settle into their new life in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a suitable school for my child if I am relocating to the UK?

We would be delighted to introduce you to one of our expert Schools Advisors. They will help you identify the characteristics you are looking for in a school, provide a list of schools for your child and advise you on what places might be available and when. The private school system in the UK can be complex so we would recommend you work with a specialist.

Can I enrol my child in a public school or do I have to choose a private school?

Confusingly the term ‘public school’ and ‘private school’ mean the same thing in the UK – they mean ‘fee-charging schools’. Free, government funded schools are called ‘state schools’ in the UK. If you have a UK residential address you can apply for your child to attend state schools. However, you cannot apply to a specific school as the local council will allocate you a place based on your address catchment area.

Are there any specific requirements or applications I need to complete before my child can attend school in the UK?

If you would like to send your child to private school you will need to register your child at the school, fill in the application forms and then follow the application process. Every school has a different application process, but the majority of them will ask your child to sit an academic exam to enter the school. This might be focused on English and Maths or be the UKiset assessment (tests academic potential and English language proficiency).

Will my child's previous education be recognised and transferred to their new school in the UK?

Most schools ask for a reference from a child’s previous Head Teacher. These are letters of recommendation and should highlight your child’s academic achievements, extra-curricular contributions and their character.

Are there any resources or support available for families who are relocating schools to the UK?

We’d love to send you some information to help with your application to the UK. Please drop us an email on and one of our Education Consultants will give you a call to discuss where you are relocating from and the age of your children.

The professionalism, confidence and empathy of the Enjoy Education team was exceptional. With clarity and high academic standards, Enjoy framed a curriculum, sourced tier one tutors, coordinated the plan and began execution within a week. [Both children] are both prospering because of Enjoy’s support… A very HIGH endorsement to this incredible team! ”

Mother of Secondary students, one with SEN or learning difficulties

Thanks again for all your help and guidance during what could have been an unstable and scary time for the kids. They are having so much fun home-schooling and are so enthusiastic daily about your tutors’ lessons. It is a joy to see. ”

Family who home-schooled for one term before emigrating to Africa

The emphasis on supporting families who have to split their time between various parts of the world is excellent – this prevents children’s education from disruption and helps assignees and their organisations complete assignments which involve considerable movement effectively but without jeopardising children’s education. ”

2020 Relocate Global Awards Panel

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