Our ASD and ADHD homeschooling pathway has been designed and honed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure every student can learn in a way that brings them joy.

From day 1 we work to create a genuinely personalised learning experience. We take the time to understand who our students are, who their families are, what our students’ needs are, what their hobbies are, and pair them with a tutor or small tutor team that’s going to connect with them for life.

No education programme is the same, because no two students are the same. Every decision we make is in collaboration with your family, and in the interest of your child. We will design and deliver a bespoke timetable, personalised education consultancy, future pathway plans and recommendations that spark the joy in learning again.

I was able to be more my authentic self when I was homeschooled. As an autistic young woman, I was given this ability to talk… I feel like those tutors helped me develop that skill. ”

Rose, Year 11 Homeschooling Student

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Why it is a great option

Integration with experts

We integrate with your child's speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, executive skills coaches, and counsellors, to ensure they get all the help they need.

Exams done differently

We provide bespoke exam and access arrangement recommendations so your child can gain qualifications to move onto their next step. This is done at a pace that is right for them.

Choose your own curriculum

The world is your oyster when it comes to subject choice. Design a curriculum around special interests, passion projects and future careers.

Frequently asked questions

How many tutors will my child work with?

We work with your family to determine the best number of tutors for your child. In some cases this starts with just the one tutor, and as your child’s confidence builds we can introduce a more diverse tutor team. Typically students work with approximately 3-6 tutors per week by the time their programme is fully up and running.

My child has been out of school. Can they homeschool?

Yes. We are committed to supporting any student to kick start their learning journey again. It is likely we will start your child’s programme slowly with a couple of subjects and build from there.

I am post school age (+18 years old), am I eligible for homeschooling?​

Yes! Every year we work with students who couldn’t complete their studies and want to come back to finish, or even start, their qualifications. We will assess your current level and build a personalised timeline for you.

Do you provide support for students with an EHCP?

Yes we do, where your EHCP stipulates that tuition is part of your personalised plan. We can either coordinate with your family as the main point of contact or your local council to understand the scope and requirements of your EHCP.

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