Early Years. The best time to establish skills that last a lifetime.

  • Neuroplasticity: the minds of young children are remarkably adaptable and responsive. Each encounter during these formative years leaves a lasting impact on brain development.
  • Expert Tutoring: at Enjoy Education, we utilise the latest intelligence from the fields of psychology and wellness to inform our tutoring. For example, our tutors recognise that 4-year-olds flourish in short 10-minute bursts of learning rather than prolonged hour-long lectures.
  • Fostering a future-ready mindset: beyond laughter and joy, play cultivates crucial skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability. It is the cornerstone of success and the blueprint for a brighter tomorrow.

How we support families in Early Years

We recognise the significance of making positive academic decisions during this crucial stage of your child’s development. Leveraging our extensive experience assisting numerous families during the preschool years, here is how we can provide support:

Choosing the right nursery and primary school:

We do not accept commission from schools. Our advice to find the perfect nursery or school is based on a tailored fit for what is right for your child.

Building early learning foundations:

One-to-one assessments to identify each child’s strengths and areas that may need support, so that tuition delivers its maximum impact.

Exams preparation:

Preparing for exams down the line such as the 7+ and 8+ with our ‘play to learn’ ethos.

Inspiring a love of learning: our expert Early Years tutors

  • We collaborate with world-renowned education specialists to decode your child’s unique learning style.
  • Handpicked for their warmth, expertise and ability to inspire, our tutors craft personalised learning programmes to bring out the best in your child.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help me choose the best nursery for my child?

Yes we can help you choose the best nursery for your child. We work with specialist nursery advisors who are experts in London nursery admissions.

What content will a tutor work on with my pre-school child?

Learning through play is the ideal way to nurture young children’s creativity and confidence. Our Early Years tutors excel at cultivating children’s natural curiosity and assisting them in establishing strong learning foundations. Tutors can also help with English language learning at this age.

What age should you start tutoring?

This depends on the need of the child. We will always assess whether it is the right time for your child to start tuition and will recommend a programme based on their circumstances.

Can you help us with the 4+?

Yes, we have been supporting families with 4+ entry since it was introduced. We can offer school advice and play-pased 4+ learning tutors.

When should I register my child for nursery/Pre-Prep?

Nursery and pre-prep entry in London is highly competive, especially in boroughs like Kensington and Chelsea. Many nurseries ask for registration at birth, so we recommend you putting together a list while you are still pregnant. But don’t panic, if you haven’t done this we can help you navigate the process.

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