Who can benefit from private tuition

Explore our private tuition services, empowering students across all ages.

Primary Level

Primary Level Private Tuition

We can lay the foundation for your children's success right from the start of their education, assisting in fundamental skills such as English and Mathematics and beyond.

Secondary Level

Secondary Level Private Tuition

Starting from the early stages of secondary school through to exam preparation, our private tutors are adept at filling any knowledge gaps, ensuring your child completes secondary school with the exam results and confidence they need to succeed.


University Level Private Tuition

We can offer the necessary support for students throughout their degree, providing expert tutors and study skills mentors who specialise in their chosen subject.


How private tuition can truly enhance a Child’s education…

Private tuition is becoming increasingly popular. Research by The Sutton Trust revealed that over a quarter of secondary school pupils receive private tuition.

The transformative impact of private tuition is undeniable—research indicates that after only 10 hours, 72% of students see an improvement of at least 2 grades.


Tailored Learning
Lessons are designed around your child's unique learning style and pace.


Personalised Lessons
One-on-one attention ensures lessons cater specifically to the areas your child struggles with.


Guidance and support from a dedicated tutor help with both academic and personal growth.


Our tutors provide encouragement and positive reinforcement, inspiring a love for learning.


Improved Confidence
Building skills and mastering subjects will boost your child's belief in their abilities.


Saves You Time
Outsourcing education tasks allows you to focus on your other responsibilities.


Access to an Expert
Expert tutors offer specialised knowledge and insights beyond what's available in traditional classrooms.


Flexible and Convenient
Our tutors are flexible, and adapt schedules to meet your family’s needs.

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the best

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Our tutoring approach is always student-centric.

Whether it’s a single subject ‘top-up’ or a comprehensive learning programme, we take the time to understand individual needs, carefully matching students with highly qualified tutors. We champion:


We believe in the power of having a passion for knowledge, beyond exams. We create happy lifelong learners, open to new ideas throughout school and beyond.


When students learn creatively, they build new connections and think more independently. They also build empathy, initiative and tenacity; invaluable life skills.


Uncovering and nurturing individual learning styles and talents helps build a sense of self, creating thinkers who are resilient and love to learn.

Private Tuition Timeline

Whether it’s a single subject ‘top-up’ or a comprehensive learning programme, we take the time to understand individual needs, carefully matching students with highly qualified tutors. We champion:

Step One

Understanding your needs

We set up a consultation with you to gather details about your child to hand-pick tutors who match their needs and passions.

Step Two


We assess subject requirements and produce a timetable to ensure a full curriculum according to your child’s academic level. A tailor-made education plan is discussed with each tutor.

Step Three

Academic Management

We handle exam registration, create an academic calendar, and provide ongoing support. Regular progress reviews ensure the programme adapts to the student’s needs.

Step Four

Operational Management

We support timetable changes, manage tutor payments, and provide safeguarding support. Termly meetings review progress, and reports are provided as needed.

Step Five

Additional Support

We organise additional tutors as requested, ensuring continuous adaptation to your child’s evolving educational needs.

Enjoy Education have been a pleasure to work with. Engaging staff took time to understand our child’s needs and personality and matched us with two great tutors. Charlie and Will could not have been kinder or more skilled and have achieved great results. Thank you all. ”

Ruth, Mother

Matthew is in to University of Edinburgh to do Engineering! We are delighted: he got A* in Maths, A in Computer Science and A in Physics. He worked so hard under very difficult circumstances and could not have done it without your excellent tutor support over the years. So many thanks for that, much appreciated. ”

Laura, Mother

Enjoy Education have helped my son enormously. They provided a very relevant tutor to encourage him in learning Latin and within an hour he understood more than 2 years at school had taught him. Enjoy and our tutor were incredibly quick to respond and set up all the sessions we needed. I’m sure this will provide a great foundation for my son to now enjoy learning Latin. Very impressed. Thanks! Amazing what results you can get with the right teaching. ”

Mother of Year 12 student

Private Tuition
Frequently asked questions

Where will the tuition take place?

Tuition can take place at your home, online or even in a local cafe or library. Tutors also travel around the globe and offer residential tuition.

Do private tutors need DBS checks?

Yes, all Enjoy Education tutors have an Enhanced DBS check and provide two formal references and proof of a right to work in the UK.

How long is each session? How often are the lessons?

Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour when they take place in person. Some flexibility can be arranged with online sessions. Breaks can incorporated if needed.

How much do private tutors charge per hour?

Tuition fees start from 84 GBP per hour and are inclusive of VAT. You can find more details on tuition fees in the ‘About Us’ section of our website.

Will the tuition be one to one or in groups?

All tuition is one to one. In some instances, we can organise sessions with two students where they are friends/family and at a similar educational level.