Easing exam stress to keep children engaged and enjoying their education.

  • Navigating secondary school, especially during the exam period, can be stressful. Private tutors ease this journey by quickly identifying and addressing learning gaps, ensuring students absorb new concepts with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Our private tutors also share valuable exam strategies, help create study routines that work for your child, and guide them in managing their time effectively. This personalised support helps them feel confident and ready when exam day arrives.
  • As stressful as exams can be, our tutors work hard to ensure their students find their lessons are enjoyable, so that you’re child stays engaged throughout their schooling.

How we support families at secondary level

We can help with all aspects of secondary-level education, from helping with exam preparation to applying to university

School Admissions

Consultations with former heads of top independent schools to identify the right fit for each child and an in-depth understanding of the admissions process

GCSEs, A-Levels and IB

Skilled tutors with thorough expertise in their subjects, equipping students with the knowledge needed to excel in their exams.

University Application Support

Expert guidance to ensure students are well-prepared for the application process and university life.

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He found his Maths and science lesson with Bruce extremely helpful and really enjoyed his lesson with him and has asked for two hour sessions which is quite extraordinary coming from Yusuf! ”

Huma, mother of secondary school student

Perle has regarded computer coding as “cool and amazing” from the get-go. Oscar’s tutoring style has been highly effective and enjoyable – Perle has been eager to start each session with Oscar, and her feelings of accomplishment after creating a new program, guided by Oscar, are quite apparent. ”

Holly, mother of Perle