Exceptionally gifted children often face demands beyond traditional education, with busy schedules, tournaments, and performances making it challenging to follow a conventional school routine.

We’ve designed a school without walls, tailoring their education to integrate seamlessly with their lifestyle and ambitions. Our approach offers a bespoke private school-style education not bound to a specific location so your child can receive a high-quality education without putting their dreams on hold. We also provide specialised expertise to ensure successful university applications for pathways in Sports and Art, both in the UK and globally.

By supporting young professionals in achieving the education they need, we bring them one step closer to making their dream life a reality.

Why it is a great option


Choose your term dates, lesson times, time zone, online learning platform and subjects around the demands of your child's sport or art.

Goal driven

We never miss a beat when it comes to meeting the demands of university and scholarship expectations and applications.

Private-school quality

Work with tutors who are experts in their field to ensure your child remains motivated in their learning as well as their profession.

My tutors gave me new perspectives. They encouraged me to explore film and art. ”

Jahan, Y11 Homeschooling Student

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Frequently asked questions

Which sports and arts have you catered to before?

The list is long! Previous student professionals have specialised in tennis, chess, football, modelling, cricket, athletics, drama, music theatre, art, ballet, golf, sailing, Formula 4, polo, and horse-riding.

Can you coordinate with my child's school to ensure a seamless transition?

Yes. We always add this step into building programmes for our young professionals. We work with the school to understand current level, areas of development and any missed work.

Does homeschooling impact a student application to university?

No. If anything it is the opposite. Homeschooling facilitates a totally bespoke, one to one education. We consistently see the grades of our young professionals lift as they start working with tutors, opening doors to new university opportunities.

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Travel and Homeschool

Your passport to limitless learning awaits. Embrace the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and watch your child thrive, taking the world in as their classroom.

Travelling Tutors

Regardless of whether your travel plans are long or short, our travelling tutors are a great option to ensure your child's learning progress - wherever you are in the world.

University Admissions

We specialise in admissions to prestigious universities in the UK, US, and Europe. We work tirelessly on every individual application with our fully-bespoke approach.