How we support families

Our process begins with a comprehensive academic consultation to determine how we can best assist you. If suitable, our placement programmes commence with our own in-house academic assessment and interview. We then proceed to longlist and shortlist schools, arrange introductions, offer advice on open days and personal tours, provide preparation for entrance examinations, and give tutoring as needed.


Who we support:

Early Years (0-4 Years)

The foundation for lifelong learning begins here. Finding the perfect Nursery or Pre-Prep is key. With Enjoy Education’s team of experienced Early Years specialists, parents are given confident advice through the process, tailored to each child’s individual educational path.

Pre-Prep and Prep School Placement (Ages 4-11/13)

Each Pre-Prep and Prep school, catering to children aged 4 to 11 or 13, possesses unique characteristics and distinctive qualities that significantly influence your child’s development during these crucial early years of schooling.

Senior School Placement (Ages 11/13-18)

Transitioning to a UK senior school, whether from a British prep school domestically or from overseas, can be intricate and challenging. UK senior schools are globally renowned for their prestige and competitiveness, encompassing both day and boarding options. We empower families on this journey.

Sixth form & colleges (Ages 17-18)

The last two years of full-time education can wield a profound influence on a student’s higher educational journey. Whether seeking fresh academic challenges, a revised curriculum, or a shift in school environment, Enjoy Education’s education consultants are ready to assist students in exploring all avenues and navigating a more specialised and age-appropriate admissions process.

Our Steps:

Step One

Initial Consultation

Setting up an initial consultation with your family to understand your needs and to identify the best match of school on an academic and holistic level.

Step Two

Introducing Our Experts

Our network of schools advisors are experts in their field. They understand the strengths and nuances of individual schools and can advise on how they might suit your child.

Step Three

Making Recommendations

We do not accept commission from schools. You can be assured that all advice is objective and unbiased, reflecting the best interests of your child.

Step Four

School Visits and Applications

Planning next steps, including the deadlines that need to be met and advising on whether tuition may be needed for your child.

Step Five

Setting Your Child Up For Success

If required, your dedicated Education consultant can compile a tailored education programme to support your child into his or her new school.

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We do not accept commission from schools. You can be assured that all advice is objective and unbiased, reflecting the best interests of your child.

School Admissions
Frequently asked questions

Who are your Schools Advisors?

Our schools advisors are ex-Head Teachers and school teachers who have extensive knowledge of the UK private and state school system. They are professional consultants who are constantly visiting schools and learning about what makes each school unique.

Can you help with school admissions at all ages?

We offer schools advisory for students aged 0-18 years old, as well as University advisors too (18+)

How do private school admissions work?

Every school has a slightly different admissions process. Some require entrance exams and others don’t. Our schools admissions service provides a clear strategy to guide you through the complexity of the applications and make the process as seamless as possible.

We are relocating from another country, can you advise on the best schools for our child?

We are experts in supporting families to relocate to the UK and have won awards for our industry-leading service. We will help you pick the right schools for your child, submit applications and help your child meet UK entry requirements.

What happens if I can't get my child into a school?

We understand that this can be a stressful situation and we have extensive experience in guiding families in this situation. In the event that your child doesn’t secure a place at a UK school, we can provide a tailored package of support. This includes assisting you in contacting alternative schools and offering home learning options until your child finds placement. We’re committed to helping your child continue their education journey smoothly.

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