Explore new cultures and experiences with your children through travel, all while ensuring they continue their education.

Whether your child is learning online or with a live-in residential tutor, we design a customised programme that accommodates your family’s lifestyle and seamlessly integrates with your travels.

Our tutors provide on-location learning experiences, such as studying mangroves in the Caribbean or exploring Ancient Rome in Italy. Our tutors will help your children become passionate, responsible, and engaged global citizens, opening their eyes to the wonders of our planet.

We cater to time zones all around the world and will undergo a bespoke tutor search for your exact needs.

Why it is a great option

A seamless return to school

The students we work with as they travel the world not only keep up with their peers but typically start to push beyond their expected level due to the one to one nature of the teaching. We can coordinate with your child’s school to stay consistent with school content and assessments if desired.

Education built around your family

Lessons don’t have to just be one on one – the whole family can get involved. A day trip, a family project, a sibling drama class. There are lots of ways a travelling tutor can get you all involved!

A new perspective

Step outside the confines of a classroom, and your world of learning becomes infinitely broader. This is an opportunity to connect with new cultures, languages, histories and experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Can I start homeschooling at any time in the year? ​

Yes, there is no fixed start date for our homeschooling programmes. We can be entirely flexible around your family.

Is it legal to homeschool out of choice?

It is totally legal to homeschool your child as a UK citizen. If you are not a UK citizen, we would recommend you research the legalities of homeschooling in your country.

I want to homeschool for one term, is this possible?

Yes! We can organise homeschooling programmes that last a few weeks or a few years. We will build a bespoke plan around your timelines.

Thank you all for making Julia’s homeschooling programme such a big success. I very much appreciate you keeping her engaged and enthused throughout the year online. Thank you too for all tailoring the lessons to our various travels and for being flexible with the scheduling. We couldn’t have done it within you. ”

Mother of Year 9 Homeschooling Student

Oh my goodness we have loved having Brendan to stay with us! We are having a little goodbye thing with him now. You couldn’t have found a better fit for us if you’re tried! Honestly, he’s been a God send. ”

Mother of two (aged 6 and 9 years)

Enjoy Education have been great to work with. The four tutors they put forward for our 9 year old son have been fantastic, all of them providing a very high quality of instruction. Our tutors use a combination of US and UK resources and curricula while together we ensure that all US state requirements are met. Certain subjects that he had found dull or uninspiring at school are now proving immensely interesting to him. ”

Mother of 9 year old Homeschooling Student

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